The Way Home

The Way Home is a free, interactive exhibition presented by RxHome to raise public awareness about the daily challenges facing the approximately 78,000 New Yorkers experiencing homelessness.

In 2021 The Way Home was presented at two locations in New York City, Columbus Park in Downtown Brooklyn and Astor Place in Manhattan.

Check out The Way Home 2021:

What is The Way Home?

The Way Home is a 15 - 30 minute self guided tour through an interactive maze designed by RxHome.

New Yorkers will have the opportunity to walk through the maze and learn about the challenges many people experiencing homelessness face in New York City. The interactive maze will educate New Yorkers about the proven solutions the next mayoral administration can take to end and prevent homelessness in New York City.

Why did we create The Way Home?

For New Yorkers experiencing homelessness, the city’s homeless service system is at best, a maze. At worst, barriers like unnecessarily burdensome systems that determine who is deserving of rental assistance and outdated policies that prioritize emergency shelter ahead of permanent housing, keep thousands of New Yorkers, the majority of whom are Black and Latino families, in an unending cycle of homelessness and housing instability.

As part of our mission to build the public demand and political will to end homelessness in New York City, RxHome designed an outdoor installation that will allow New Yorkers to gain a better understanding of who is experiencing homelessness and how the city can solve it. The exhibition provides a unique educational experience for adults and children ages 8 and older. Visitors gain a deeper understanding of the homelessness crisis in New York City, the barriers and obstacles that families experiencing homelessness face, and the proven solutions that the next mayor can implement to end and prevent homelessness.


RxHome would like to thank our partners for their shared commitment to ending and preventing homelessness in New York City.

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