The solution

Homelessness is solvable.

Every New Yorker, no matter their age, race or family composition, should be able to have a safe, stable and healthy home.

How can we solve homelessness in New York?

New York City must focus on providing actual homes--not just shelter--to those in need. By prioritizing prevention instead of warehousing people in shelters, the city can create a true housing first system.

We don’t need more resources, studies or shelters to solve homelessness. We need swift action to prevent homelessness in the first place and house those currently in shelters. And there has never been a better opportunity to fix our homeless service system, given the urgency created by the pandemic.

Our city has the ability to end homelessness, but our leaders need to understand how to do it. RxHome has studied best practices and success stories to determine the key factors that allow a city to create a comprehensive system committed to ending and preventing homelessness.

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RxHome has looked extensively at best practices and research to determine the key factors that allow a city to create a comprehensive system committe…

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